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Unique Eyewear.

Micromega is an hand-crafted bespoke eyewear brand based in Venice, Italy


Essential, elegant and unique.
The most extravagant glasses, the most elegant, or the most discrete.
Every single Micromega is designed on the customer's needs, making every piece a single piece.


Our assembly sistem is the strongest ever.
No glue. No screws. No weldings.
Simple, and incredibly resistant.
We include two years of warranty over the frame.


Micromega is the lightest eyewear frame in the world.  0.7 gr is our most imperceptible collection, "Cult".
Three pieces of titanium sewing together two lenses. So lightweight, you won't even feel them.


Micromega for high prescriptions

Micromega glasses are tailor made to measure for each customer. In particular, thanks to the possibility to customize the frame in every part, we are able to obtain surprising results even in the case of very high prescriptions. Our "Classic" frame allowed us to create glasses complete with 10 diopters lenses with a total weight of 7 grams.​




Video Call Service

Book an appointment for a virtual consultation: our team will assist you and guide you in your search for the perfect micromega glasses. Enter your Whatsapp number, we will contact you for a Whatsapp video call at the selected time.